Planning Commission

The Planning Commission provides recommendations to the City Council on the following items: amendments to the General Plan, amendments to the Zoning and Subdivision Codes, rezones, and right-of-way vacations. The Planning Commission also approves or denies preliminary and final subdivision plats. The Planning Commission meets the second and fourth Wednesday of the month at 6:00 p.m. at the Providence City Offices.

Below is a list of Commission members and when his/her term expires.

Robert James, Chair 06/2020
Rowan Cecil, Member 04/2019
John Parker, Member 05/2019
Ruth Ann Holloway, Member 05/2020
Gary Sonntag, Member 05/2020
Robert Perry, Alternate 07/2020
Alex Bearnson, Alternate 06/2021

The Planning Commission welcomes comments in writing, mail correspondence to: Planning Commission Members, 164 North Gateway Drive, Providence, UT 84332.

2018 Annual Meeting Schedule
Agendas for the Planning Commission are usually available to the public several days in advance of a scheduled meeting. Agendas are available by clicking the links below or by calling the City Office at (435) 752-9441. Agendas are also displayed at the Providence City Office, 164 North Gateway Drive and on the state public notice website.

Final minutes of the Planning Commission meetings are not released to the public until after the committee has reviewed and approved them. Approval of the previous meetings’ minutes normally occurs at each meeting. Minutes may be obtained by clicking the links below or by contacting the City Office.

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