Spring Curb/Street Side Branch Pickup – Discontinued

March 18, 2019

Providence City is cancelling the spring curb/street side branch pickup service. Extra green waste dumpsters will be available at the public works facility, located near the entrance to Von Baer Park, 350 East Center, Providence. We expect the green waste dumpsters will be delivered on Monday, March 25. An extra dumpster will be available over weekends.

In order for us to continue to provide residents with the green waste dumpster service at the public works facility, please observe the following rules:

  • Please do not dump green waste on the ground before the dumpsters are in place.
  • If the green waste dumpsters are full, please do not dump your green waste on the ground. Please come back after the dumpsters have been emptied, or take your green waste to Logan City’s green waste facility.
  • The green waste dumpsters at the public works facility are for use by residents only; not for use by landscaping companies. If you see this type of violation, please report it to the Public Works Office at (435) 753-0313. The City also has cameras that record activity at the dumpsters.

There have been problems with contamination in the green waste dumpsters and bins. Logan City is asking for help to remedy the problem. The following is a list of ALLOWED green waste items:

  • Grass,
  • Leaves that are not bagged
  • Garden waste
  • Clean hay and straw
  • Shrubs
  • Branches (branches cannot be over 6-feet in length or 12-inches in diameter).
  • Non-invasive weeds (no morning glory or dyers woad)

We will also have a garbage dumpster and a metal dumpster at the public works facility sometime in April for two weeks. The dates will be posted on our website as soon as we have them. You can also receive notification from the Providence Pipeline. If you have not already signed up for the Pipeline, please click the link in the column to the left and choose your notification services. 

The City’s spring curb/ street side branch pickup service was a separate service from the household green waste bins provided by Logan City. The  household green waste bins curbside pick up begins April 1st.

Last modified: March 18, 2019

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